Friday, 16 November 2012

My New Lewis Hamilton F1 Blog

Lewis Hamilton F1


Okay internet, i'm kinda new to blogspot/blogger. I currently run 2 wordpress sites which i'll list at the bottom, a twitter and a youtube :]

A little about me and my future blog posts :]

So. Lewis Hamilton (in my opinion) is the fastest driver in F1 (tyre depending). He's fun to watch and dates nicole.. Lucky Lucky man!

I used to HATE Alonso but recently (the past 2 seasons) i've sort of taken a shine to him. Basically anyone that beats that finger pointing german nonse is good in my books.. besides Maldonado, i hate him too.

I've been to 1 F1 race before, that was at Monza in 2011. Absolutely loved it! and it wasn't that expensive either.

Don't really have much to say right now as i'm setting up a load of accounts.. but that will change. It's the Austin TX's grand prix this weekend so hopefully lewis hamilton smashes it!

Blog'ya Later :]

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